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Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. Polo Blue was launched in 2003. Polo Blue was created by Carlos Benaim and Christophe Laudamiel. Top notes are melon, mandarin orange and cucumber; middle notes are basil, sage and geranium; base notes are musk, woodsy notes and suede.

Product Description

Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz in the south of New York City borough of The Bronx to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Belarus[1]: Fraydl (Kotlar) and Frank Lifshitz, a house painter. Ralph Lauren (born Ralph Lifshitz on October 14, 1939) is an American fashion designer and business executive. He is most notable for his Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. From a young age, he started working after school to earn money to buy suits. The four-year younger Calvin Klein, lived in the same Bronx neighborhood, but it is not known if they ever met while living there.

Lauren’s experience in the necktie market led him to a staggering idea. Why not make them wider? With this idea and some financing, he founded the Polo label in 1967. He founded Polo Fashions of New York with the quote,Ralph Lauren continued to gain recognition for his clothing design after he was contracted to provide clothing styles for the movie The Great Gatsby. An immaculately dressed Robert Redford appeared in his daring pink suit. In the year 2000, Ralph Lauren media launched Polo.com; the first luxury designed e-commerce web site in the US. 

In 2003, Lauren's nephew Greg Lauren announced his engagement to actress Elizabeth Berkley. Lauren designed and created outfits for the entire wedding party (including Berkley's wedding dress) to wear. Berkley wore a silk sheath dress with pearled spaghetti straps while Lauren wore a white tuxedo jacket and a black bow tie. Ralph Lauren is not only creative in the “product” sense, he also realizes that packaging and presentation are of paramount importance. Some of his most popular fragrance products are favorites today. Product such as: for Women, 2001. Glamourous Perfume by Ralph Lauren contains a rich blend of pearl flower, plumeria, lily, ginger flowers, tuberose, Siam wood, Cashmere musk, and vetiver. Lauren Perfume for Women is a signature blend of rose, marigold, violet, jasmine, pineapple, carnation, lily of the valley, lilac, vetiver, and cedarwood. Polo for Men After Shave Balm. was created by Ralph Lauren in 1978. Polo for Men is a sharp blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil, and oakmoss. Polo Cologne for Men was created by Ralph Lauren in 1978. Polo Cologne is a sharp blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil, and oakmoss. Polo Crest for Men was created by Ralph Lauren in 1991. Polo Crest Cologne is a unique blend of jasmine, basil, patchouli, fir balsam, vetiver, and oakmoss.

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